Software Architect

  • Consultora Gestal
  • México
  • 17/05/2022
Full time Desarrollo / Programación / Bases de Datos


Mexican company with employees distributed mainly in Mexico, USA and Brazil, is looking for a Dev Architect Senior. 

Language requirements: English (required fluent)-Portuguese (required fluent)-Spanish (very desirable)


- Education: Computer Science / Mathematics / Physics / Applied Mathematics or related.

- Java: 

Implement unit test using TestNG.

Deep knowledge in Object Oriented Programing features:
 a. Inheritance
 b. Overloading
 c. Encapsulation
 d. Polymorphism
 e. Abstraction

Strong knowledge of:
 a. Coupling
 b. Cohesion
 c. Association
 d. Aggregation
 e. Composition

Create REST services using Spring RestTemplate.

Interact with SQL databases using Spring Jdbc Templates.

- NodeJS: 

Develop applications using express.

- Docker: 

Dockerfile definition.

Docker compose definition.

Describe an existent Dockerfile.

Understand how the layers of a docker image work.

Run, Restart, Stop, and Inspect a docker container strictly from the commandline.

Log in to a docker container.

Publish a docker image to a docker repository.

- Linux:

Fluent with curl, ssh and scp command.

Fluent with commands find, grep, sed, cat, touch, head, tail, tar, chmod, chown,wget, zip, unzip, alias, ps, kill, and echo.

Fluent with either vi, vim or nano text editors.

- Databases: SQL, MySQL.

- Jenkins.

- Selenium. 

Payment in US Dollars.
Full time | Contractor.